Nubia and the Amazons #1 (Review)

Oct 20, 2021

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Cover Art for Nubia and the Amazons #1 Review

Nubia and the Amazons #1

Nubia and the Amazons is a series that focuses on Themyscira, otherwise known as Paradise Island. The first issue of the six-part series follows Nubia, Queen of all Amazons who once sprang from the well herself. A new menace emerges when an ancient evil awakens beneath her island home. The threat is imminent but is it within her to fight it?

By: DC Comics

Written by: Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala
Pencils by: Alitha Martinez
Inks by: Mark Morales
Colors by: Emilio Lopez
Letters by: Becca Carey

Our introduction to Nubia in this issue is abrupt and intimate as she’s born into the life of an Amazon. Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala’s story effortlessly shows how this culture is very different from the one most are familiar with. The first issue of Nubia and the Amazons does an excellent job building suspense without feeling unnecessary or over-the-top.

Crucial Characters


Queen Nubia is complex, but one thing that stands out is her resiliency. When we first meet her, you would think she was written to watch her struggle to find her way in this new world. However, we quickly see that she adapted beautifully behind the scenes.


This keeper of the Well of Souls appears to be a bit of a hermit as she tends to those that are to emerge from the well. The Well of Souls is an ancient well that births amazons who have died from violence in Man’s World. While this is a complex issue, there is a power to move on from the past to empower the future.


While we don’t know much about her yet, we know that she is a close advisor to Queen Nubia and usually keeps the Queen focused on what’s important.


Another character that we see little of but is a significant player is Mala. What is happening to her at the wall? The rotation may be taking its toll, or is it something more?


If dreams can come true, Penelope leaves us quaking.

Nubia and the Amazons is an excellent addition to the Wonder Woman story, and it is intriguing with a nice setup to what promises to be an action-packed series. I am excited about what comes next as this epic tale unfolds between the pages. The depth of color and scale that took my breath away in certain scenes was nothing short of spectacular!

Score 8.8/10