Ordinary Gods #2 (REVIEW)

Aug 9, 2021

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Ordinary Gods #2
Image Comics

Written by: Kyle Higgins
Art by: Felipe Watanabe
Colors by: Frank William
Letters by: Clayton Cowles

Kyle Higgins kicked off Ordinary Gods with a jarring ending to the first issue. He following that up with another jaw-dropping ending in Ordinary Gods #2. Both say a lot about what’s in store for readers with Ordinary Gods.

This series does not seem to have limits. Things have already gotten pretty extreme through only two issues, though in different ways. It feels like the main character might be safe, but everything else appears to be fair game. And even then, Higgins has shown with other work no one is really safe under his watch.

Ordinary Gods #2 also helps further explain what’s going on in the here and now. A lot went on in the first issue, but Higgins also had to provide a bit of a history lesson for his new world. There is still some of that in this issue, but readers now have a much greater understanding of the events that transpired in Ordinary Gods #1.

But there’s one thing I’m looking forward to Higgins and Felipe Watanabe exploring above all else after reading Ordinary Gods #2. How will Christopher, the main character, handle his past? We all make mistakes that we have to live with, but what about when you have a past life that’s about as infamous as it gets — and you had no control of it? Might take a little time to get over learning that news.

Score: 9.0

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