Overwatch Uprising Returns!

Mar 29, 2018

That’s right, Overwatch Uprising Returns

The Brawl returns and this Tuesday, April 10th. This seasonal event rewinds time giving players a chance to relive a pivotal moment in Overwatch history. Explore the stories behind some of your favorite heroes, unlock pieces of the past with over 100 declassified Loot Box items, or suit up with your friends and join Tracer on her very first mission in the Uprising cooperative brawl. The whole player verses Environment gig is back and Blizzard does a great job implementing it. Junkenstein’s Revenge and last year’s Uprising were awesome and a huge change of pace for the game. It is close as we get to a campaign and Kaplan has stated that huge ideas are ahead.

Tracer was my first main so I am super stoked to play a mode dedicated to her. She also had 3 cameos in Spielberg’s latest film Ready Player One. What time to be a Tracer fan. Check out the teaser below “Cheer Love!”