Phil Spencer says Windows Store ‘to improve’

Mar 1, 2016


As a PC gamer, I’m excited about the prospect of Microsoft sharing some “exclusivity” with its PC brother in arms. I’m not sure what to think about the Windows Store. A recent article has me even more dubious about it as a PC gaming venue.

Dead, but not missed.

Issues with the Microsoft Store Version of the most recent Tomb Raider have arisen. Did you see what I did there? Apparently this version of Tomb Raider has some options disabled like the ability to disable Vsync to help with performance and not allowing users to run the game in anything other than borderless full screen. These may seem like small complaints, but it should be inexcusable when the options are available on another platform…like Steam.

Due to the Universal Windows Platform, games don’t launch with an executable making modding or other tinkering not possible. Phil Spencer commented on the Windows Store and its limiting of features via Twitter:

Here’s the thing Microsoft, PC Gamers kind of hate you. Remember Games for Windows Live? PC gamers sure do! It was awful and we’re glad it died. You’ve been saying for years that gaming is going to come back to Windows, that would be great, but this is not a great start. I’m happy to buy your games through the Microsoft Store, but you have to make it worth my while. PC gamers can be a fickle bunch. We have earned titles like PC master race and PC elitist for a reason. We like our games open and with the least amount of restrictions possible. If we catch wind that restrictions or options aren’t available to us even if they are features we won’t use or care about, we don’t like it and won’t buy it. Bottom line Microsoft, if stuff is going to be on the Windows Store it needs to have the love and attention its XBox console mate got, and possibly even more love and attention. If it’s not going to be like this then save your time and money and not port it to PC.

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Another note, if you want me to buy games from your store, I need to know it exists other than saying, Go get it at our store. I barely am cognizant of its presence. In this regard, Origin and Uplay say hi. Microsoft, in regards to the PC market, you have a long hill to climb.

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