Oct 8, 2018


“Eel O’Brian takes a flexible view of morality: you walk on your side of the line, he’ll keep his feet on his (no promises about his hands, eyes, ears or midsection). That all stopped when his alter ego Plastic Man got suckered into the high-stakes world of super-heroic traitors and super-villainous cabals. Now he’s gonna stiffen his spine, screw up his courage and take the law into his own hands. Or he’s going to swat Queen Bee into next Tuesday with his fly-swatter hand. One or the other.”

Pick up Plastic Man #5 when it hits shelves this Wednesday, 10-10-18.

Plastic Man #5
DC Comics

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Adriana Melo
Cover by: Tess Fowler

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