‘Pokemon Go’-esque WoW Mobile Game in the Works?

Feb 25, 2019

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Good news for WoW fans who have an affinity for taking their games on the go as a WoW mobile game is already in the works! It’s not too far-fetched of an idea, really. There is, after all, over a thousand different pets available in the whole of Azeroth. If you’re business-minded in any way, that’s quite an amount of WoW gold to earn or spend on.

As of press time, Blizzard is still keeping its lips sealed about this project, so there’s not much information about it. A single source says that it’s deeper than it looks, and has a single-player campaign.However, there’s a reason for all the secrecy, as well as the start of the ‘Incubation Department’.

The Spectre of Titan

Years ago, Blizzard built up hype for an ambitious MMO. Development was progressing, and it was teased and hinted at during later BlizzCons. Fans were waiting for an official announcement and a release date, but in 2013, Blizzard ultimately canceled its development.

That was almost 7 years’ worth of development, gone down the drain. It haunts the company constantly. The team that worked on this massive let down have separated and moved to other projects. There’s also the time and money spent on it that can never be returned. As such, can wereally blame them for being cautious in announcing new games?

Diablo Immortal Backlash

It’s the worst result they could have never foreseen. Since they’re trying to mitigate losses as much as possible, they don’t announce games until they’re almost finished. In the point of view of fans, though, some games blindside them. Although the backlash from the Diablo Immortal announcement may also stem from expectations of a Diablo 4 announcement, it was still poorly handled.

The Incubation Department

The department is the company’s answer to the grind and tedium of developing something for years straight. Sometimes developers crave to make something short or small in scope. It’s also where ideas can grow into new projects. Hearthstone is a masterpiece that came from this department. Currently, they’re handling the development of several mobile games across existing IPs, including Diablo Immortal and possibly, the PoGo-like WoW mobile game.

That’s all we know and can say about the future Blizzard title. We can speculate that Blizzard will be a bit warier with how they’re going to present future mobile games, including this one. Still, let’s hope this is going to be handled and received better than Diablo on mobile.

Many people are still disappointed by their actions, but you’ve still got to hand it to them as they’re still doing their best with the bad hand they’re dealt. It’s hard when there’s a gradual drop of Overwatch players, after all. Then, Diablo fans all but boycotted the new Diablo Immortal. Not to say that this new thing is going to make everything okay for the company, but at least it could make things a bit better.

At any rate, it’s up to you whether you’ll hold your breath for this one. It’s not even confirmed yet, just rumors and the word of a single source. Plus, development can deviate so much that the result ends up looking nothing like the concept art.