Poser #2 Advanced Review

Oct 1, 2018

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Poser #2
Waxwork Comics

Words by: Matt Miner
Illustrated by: Clay McCormack
Letters by: Taylor Esposito
Color by: Doug Garbark

Poser #2 continues following Maddy’s murder from the previous issue. Ash and her friend group are reeling from the violent death while on edge since there is still a violent serial killer on the loose who may or may not be gunning for them. Ash is clearly headed for an emotional breakdown following Maddy’s death and the pressure she faces to put her band back together. However, all of that might become irrelevant is she herself becomes a murder victim.

This issue is fantastic and delves more deeply into social issues barely touched by traditional horror. While most slasher films show teenagers drinking, hooking up and being rebellious, Poser also shows the ramifications within the character’s own personal lives due to those choices. Ash’s self-destructive behavior and her brash temper get her into trouble and make it difficult for her to rectify relationships that she should be seeking out following Maddy’s death. Her character is very relatable.

In addition to Ash’s personality, I love her design. All of the character’s outfits fit well with the modern punk style of the book. I particularly love the mask and jacket of the Poser killer. His look would make a fabulous Halloween costume. The concept of this book would make such a fun tv show or movie in the vein of American Horror Story and even a Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night house. This continues to a very enjoyable spooky read that I highly recommend to any horror fans.

Poser #2 releases Wednesday, October 3rd in comic stores everywhere.