Preacher Six Trailer Rundown

Feb 25, 2018


Preacher Six (2018)

Directed by: Grady Earls
Written by: Tracy Ray
Starring: Bill Oberst Jr., Carmen Argenziano, Eileen Gubba, Ezra Buzzington, Tomas Boykin, Lawrence Chau, David Banks

Currently in the Pre-production phase and seeking donations is Preacher Six. From my research, Preacher Six’s official Twitter account describes their film as Taxi Driver meets Sin City packaged with The Prophecy! Preacher Six is directed by Grady Earls with a script from Tracy Ray. Kyle Hester, (Zombie with a Shotgun, The Chair) plays the indomitable Father Josh, Eileen Grubba, (Sons of Anarchy, Game of Silence) is Maggie and Bill Oberst Jr, (Death House, Criminal Minds) materializes as the forever manipulative and intrusive villain, Dante. I also noticed Carmen Argenziano, (Hawaii Five-O, Stargate SG-1) takes on the role as Father Gabriel and Naomi Grossman, (American Horror Story) gracefully portrays The Blue Nun!

In Preacher Six, the Apocalypse is here and the battle between Good Vs Evil has begun. The hero in the film, Father Josh, (Kyle Hester) comes from a small town. Sheltered by good faith and fortified with the power of Genesis, he is summoned to the big city to fight off an evil contrived to wreak corporeal harm on anyone standing its way. Now humanity’s guardian, Father Josh is not only battling demons, but also his own conscious.

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With his back now against the wall, Father Josh is running out of time. Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of spiritual conservation in mind, he risks his very soul to send Hell back to where it came from. Forced into this war, Father Josh will do anything for the sake of humanity. Even if it means vanquishing each individual demon one bullet at a time.

The creators of Preacher Six are keeping a tight lip on the finer details of the film (understandably so). I did find the trailer on YOUTUBE and I highly recommend you check it out! I prophesize Preacher Six will have an abundance of action, (no need for Jon Ash’s one-liners in this film)!

I can honestly say I am ready to see a good indie action movie. I want to see explosions, professional special effects, the fate of the world resting on one man’s shoulders, and damn it, (pardon the pun) the good guys prevail! The good guys always win, right? Right?

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