Previously on Killadelphia (#23)…

Aug 2, 2022

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(NOTE: This is a refresher from Killadelphia #23, along with a spoiler-free review of Killadelphia #24. If you didn’t actually read Killadelphia #23 yet, read that before checking out this week’s issue.)

This arc of Killadelphia has been absolutely out of control. It’s been one of the best titles in comics since the first arc, but this one is next-level. That’s largely been the result of new characters entering the fold, forcing fixtures from the series to make adjustments.

Team Toussaint

After introducing Toussaint Louverture in Killadelphia #22 as the vampire’s boogeyman, Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander spent a little more time with the character. This guy is absolutely ruthless. A lot of historical characters have been thrown into the mix and made quick impacts on the series, but Toussaint has to be the coolest. He’s mowing down vamps like they’re nothing, he has the big-time blood-suckers forming unexpected alliances and he basically today Anansi to kick rocks.

Not only is he a great add, but we also meet Sanite Bélair. Yet another historical figure thrown in the mix, and she is right on Toussaint’s level of bad-assery.

Team Washington…and Jefferson? Adams, too?

I’m just waiting for Barnes and Alexander to use all this vampirism in America to explain William Henry Harrison’s death 31 days after he became the ninth president of the United States.

As for the trio we’re currently dealing with, they’re now all working together. All Thomas Jefferson wants to flip over to the winning side. John Adams took some more convincing, but he’s now aligned with George Washington, as well.

As a result of Adams teaming up with Washington, the Sangsters have, as well. Abigail Adams and her crew also have, and we also got a bit more detail on why her and John are never going to be OK. Barnes has addressed the subject before, but never so directly — and not with John in the room. Come to think of it, John’s handling of that conversation with his (sort of) ex-wife displayed quite a bit of growth. Seesaw jumps out as a character who’s developed the most since the first arc, but John Adams might be right behind him.

Killadelphia #24 Review

Carnage. If you’re looking for a one-word review, that’s the way to describe Killadelphia #24. Mayhem might be a sufficient substitute, too. What’s wild about all the action, too: Alexander’s art seems to be getting crisper amongst all the blood and guts. It’s something we’ve often discussed on GWW’s TLDR Comic Book Club podcast because he was already an awesome artist. But over this arc, he somehow seems to be getting better.

Image Comics
Written by: Rodney Barnes
Art by: Jason Shawn Alexander with German Erramouspe
Colors by: Luis NCT
Letters: Marshall Dillon

The start of the Vampire vs. Toussaint War is upon us. It also marks the end of the fourth arc of Killadelphia, which was by far the best to this point. That said, the fifth arc is set up to be the wildest yet.

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