Prism Stalker #5 Review

Jul 3, 2018


Prism Stalker #5

Image Comics

Written By: Sloane Leong

Art By: Sloane Leong

Lettered By: Ariana Maher

Prism Stalker has been a series I have been somewhat enjoying personally, but I find a lot in it to like. Sticking with it, I believe that issue 5 seems to be one of the better issues. We see the stakes are really rising now with Vep and her situation where she really needs to step it up so that she can reach her goal of seeing her family again one day. The issue starts off with another class that Vep sits through learning another new fighting technique. It’s pretty interesting because it requires them to take advantage of the terrain that they are standing on and with that, it helps give them a boost of power to attack with.

We see more of Vep’s strong points as a character as she just never gives up in her fights, and even steps in to help others that are harassed. She also starts wondering if the school she’s at is beginning to really change her; as she feels like she is leaning more towards using violence to solve her problems quicker. I like how she’s growing up a lot in this series. Vep started off as someone with a tough attitude. But now that she’s been working on skills to actually fight people, we’re seeing if she’ll be able to stay the person that she wants to be, or become what they want to make her be.

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The art has always been a mix bag for me in this run. What I mostly enjoy are the colors, creatures, and some of the creativeness when things tend to get a little weird when Vep is lost in her head. I found this issue much more enjoyable, and the fighting panels seem to come off a lot cleaner and easier to follow this time around. Even though the style doesn’t always pull me in personally maybe it’s because it’s something is so different from other series. Still, I think there’s enough interesting things going on this is series, which is why I have yet to put it away. If you’ve stucked with Prism Stalker up to now, I think you’re going to enjoy this issue a lot. It leaves so much on the line for Vep to be followed up in the next issue. I want to see where her journey goes if she does not fail and have it end in the next issue.

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