Production on DC’s ‘Titans’ Will Be Filmed In Toronto; Confirming ‘Arrow’ Connection?

Earlier this month we at Omega Underground had learned that production on DC TV’s upcoming Teen Titans live-action series will begin September 25th. The production listing mentioned that filming will take place in Atlanta like most film and television productions in recent years. However, an updated listing says that filming will now take place in Toronto.

This leads us to believe that Titans (which is being produced in-house through Warner Brothers exclusively) is more likley than not connected to the ever-expanding Arrow universe. This would include The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine and Supergirl. All of which is produced by Greg Berlanti and filmed in Vancouver. Bludhaven has also been mentioned many times by name since season 1 of Arrow as well as The Flash several times.

This would give Arrow fans the incentive to subscribe to WB’s streaming service in order to stream Titans…

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