‘Prometheus 2’ Title Is Officially ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’

Sep 24, 2015


While on the promotional press tour for The Martian, director Ridley Scott has been dropping a bunch of details concerning for Prometheus 2, including the reaffirming that the xenomorphs won’t be showing-up until other sequels. Confirming they have the intention of making another two movies.

Another tidbit was revealed to Hey U Guys, when Ridley mentioned the title to the film which is Alien: Lost Paradise. We’ve actually heard the title “Paradise” ever since the sequel talk started back in 2012, it’s nice to see many people vindicated with this reveal by Scott including myself.

An intentional nod to the epic John Milton poem about touring around hell, similar to how Prometheus was greatly inspired by Chariots of The Gods by Erich von Däniken and Greek mythology. It’s likely referring to the hellish/harsh alien environment awaiting Shaw and David, along with the fate of the Engineers.

It’s quite calculated on the part of Fox and Scott to bring back the Alien title, mainly, because the original title for Prometheus was Alien: Origins.

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