Race into the Future with Redout

Jun 1, 2016

Is that the Blue Falcon? Wait, no, is it the Fire Stingray? Nope, it’s a whole new space racing machine in the upcoming game called Redout. The best part?  Beta sign-ups have started.

As beautiful as the screenshot is, you need to see it in motion!

Fans of F-Zero and Hyperspace Massacre rejoice because this is the year we see the newest iteration of futuristic spaceship racing games! The game was recently shown off at Casual Connect Asia and and at Nordic Games Indie Day and looks great. Graphics look sharp, For the first time in recent memory, vehicles like the Sulha AG and Koeniggswerth Engineering are being given backstories. Does having teams mean there will be actual plot development?

Fast cars? Check. Crazy Turns? Check!

As an F-Zero fan, I can only hope there is a story mode like F-Zero GX had. If you want to know more, be to sure to follow the developer 34bigthings twitter and blog. Until then, time to practice my high speed racing skills in F-Zero X.


For more information on the indie developer 34 big things you can reach them at their twitter!





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