Race to the Finish Line with June’s “Victory” Loot Anime.

Jul 6, 2016


Loot Anime is a monthly mystery bundle featuring items such as figures, apparel, manga and more. Each box is guaranteed to have $60+ value for only $24.95 a month plus shipping and handling.

June’s theme is: VICTORY.┬áThis crate featured items from Yowamushi Pedal, Splatoon, and Free!.


Items Included:

  • Yowamushi Pedal T-Shirt (Ripple Junction)
  • Splatoon Plush (JAKKS Pacific)
  • Victory Phone Charm (Loot Anime Labs)
  • Free! Luggage Tag (The Coop)
  • Free! Eternal Summer Water Bottle (Surreal Entertainment)
  • Yowamushi Pedal Metallic Cover Manga Vol. 1 (Yen Press)

There were two items from Yowamushi Pedal in this month’s crate. A three-fourths t-shirt with the biking clubs logo and the Vol. 1 Manga. For those unaware, Yowamushi Pedal follows high-schooler Sakamichi Onoda who joins a bicycle racing club in an attempt to make friends after learning the schools anime club has been disbanded. There is currently 45 volumes, an anime television series which debuted in 2013 and a live-action television drama adaption in the works scheduled to air in August. I just started reading it and was actually surprised by the amount of comedy it had.

There is also two items from the anime television series, Free! The first item is a Luggage Tag and the second is an aluminum water bottle. Free! circles around four boys, Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin who were friends and teammates in Elementary School. They reunite later in High School and begin a swim club.

With the water bottle and shirt involving recreational activities included, I really get the hint that this month’s Loot Anime is telling me I should go outside… After I catch up on Free! and Yowamushi Pedal, of course.

This month’s box also included a Splatoon plush. Sure, I would consider the concept of Splatoon to be recreational. It involves being outside for one, and covering your victims and everything in Ink. So paintball? No, but really Splatoon, which one Multiplayer of the Year last year, has been one of Nintendo’s newest successful IP’s. It’s currently out for Wii U and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a sequel for the upcoming NX. Splatoon is definitely competitive, and does require teamwork, which is why it belongs in this months crate. The plush is super soft and my two year old has already began teasing our dog with it.

Lastly, the phone charm comes in the shape of a Trophy with wings attached.

I noticed this month’s Loot Anime really brought forth some lesser known, but yet highly rated, anime series into the light. Which is great, as I am always looking to pick up a new series.

What did you think of June’s Loot Anime?