Jul 23, 2021


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Radiant Black # 6 Cover A
Artist(s): Darko Lafuente w Miquel Muerto
Radiant Black # 6 Cover A

Radiant Black # 6: Red

Image Comics

Writer(s): Kyle Higgins and Cherish Chen
Artist: Darko Lafuente
Colorist: Miquel Muerto
Letterer: Becca Carey

While the final pages of the previous issue introduced “Black” (and readers) to the “Radiants”, a bright/colorful assortment of individuals seeking to save humanity from our collective foe, Radiant Black # 6 goes back in time to witness the creation of Radiant Red. Much like Nathan and Marshall, Satomi Sone comes into possession of her powers less by choice and more by chance. However, this is where the similarities end for the characters in Image Comics‘ hit series.

Kyle Higgins and Cherish Chen present a character most readers can relate to in Satomi. She is apparently happy and content with her place in the world, doing what those she loves expect of her. She works as a “kind” school teacher while also preparing for graduate school. And as her family points out she is planning to marry a “good man” named Owen. Her life seems very bright and promising. What could go wrong?

Before the dinner she attends with her family can even begin to digest, Satomi’s world darkens. This comes in the form of Owen’s gambling addiction, which she had assumed was over, threatening all they hoped to have. The optimistic Satomi reasons she can put off her/their plans. By postponing the wedding and graduate school she can use those funds to save their home and Owen’s real estate investment. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible as Owen has already depleted her personal account by forging her signature.

the Red Radiance may have given SATOMI the power. but it is her life spiraling out that gives her the motivation…CONTROL.

Similar to the difference in the story being told in Radiant Black # 6 from previous issues, the art style is also different. Artist Darko Lafuente and colorist Miguel Muerto have chosen to present Satomi and her world in lighter tones and less rigged outlines. How she ends up as “Red” is much different than how Nathan became “Black”. I believe the artwork helps capture that essence by taking on a more somber and even sadder tone. This issue is less action and more about actions or should I say reactions.

Satomi and Nathan have led different lives so what she does once she has power is understandably different. Her initial use of the power seems to be motivated by the idea she can take back control of her life. While that doesn’t excuse her actions it gives them context. However since this issue seems to take place around the time the police officers speak with Nathan in Issue # 2 that leaves one question. Has Satomi lost control again?

Score: 9.0

The Unleashed: Echoes of Sorrow, Part II

Image Comics

Writer: Melissa Flores
Artist: Eleanora Carlini w/ Elisabetta D’Amico
Colorist: Mattia Iacono

Letter: DC Hopkins

The current trend in most movies and television shows is to keep viewers watching after the final scene. Somewhere hidden in the credits there is some scene that offers additional content for the eagle eyed and astute viewer.

After the letters page in Issue # 5 and again this issue readers are treated to The unleashed: Echoes of Sorrow. This post-letters “story” is as odd and as it is intriguing.

This story is odd especially since it doesn’t initially appear to center on any one particular character or plot. Part II begins where Part I ended finding Phee and Mara in the office of Detective Charlie King, who has no memory of the two young women. This universe they find themselves in is mostly monochrome save for women’s hair color Mara (green) and Phee (pink). The story becomes intriguing when we witness Charlie’s memory return and it turns out she is a superhero and she is in full color.

I can’t help but wonder if or how the story of the Unleashed relates to the Radiant Black series. Maybe it’s that they both are using colors. Or maybe, it’s that both stories seem to have characters with their own unique yet in some way connected story.

Score: TBD


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