Ralph Breaks The Internet Press Event Highlights

Nov 7, 2018

It’s just a couple short weeks until Ralph Breaks The Internet hit theaters. Following a premiere screening in Hollywood on Saturday, November 3rd, a press conference was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Information included in this article will be spoiler-free, and won’t include any film details not already disclosed in released teasers & trailers.

If you’d rather know nothing about Ralph Breaks The Internet, then maybe bookmark this to read after you’ve seen it!

Talent in attendance included:

  • John C. Reilly (voice of “Ralph”)
  • Sarah Silverman (voice of “Vanellope”)
  • Taraji P. Henson (voice of “Yesss”)
  • Jack McBrayer (voice of “Felix”)
  • Director Rich Moore
  • Director Phil Johnston
  • Producer Clark Spencer
  • Co-Writer Pamela Ribon
  • Moderator: Dani Fernandez

When asked about what he thought it was like for vintage arcade character, Ralph to be in such a toxic environment as the internet, John C. Reilly said, “The character, it was initially even conceived as a fish out of water kind of character. That was a lot of what we played with in the first film is how does Ralph behave or how does any video game character behave in a game that’s not his own. And then the Internet is this literally infinite landscape. So I don’t know. There’s a lot of really fun metaphors that we’re also playing with in the film.”

Attendees commented that the chemistry between Vanellope (Silverman) and Ralph (Reilly) were so evident, they asked what was it like to get back and did you they together in the recording booth. Sarah Silverman answered, “We did it together. Chumbo. Yeah. We get to record together with these guys and Pam. And yeah. We get to improvise. They give us a lot of freedom. We collaborate a lot and the script itself is so fantastic. And it’s really fun.”

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