Raw Fury Reveals ‘Wolfstride’ & New Trailers for ‘Per Aspera,’ ‘Star Renegades’

Jun 15, 2020

The second day of the Guerrilla Collective showcase took place on Sunday, and Raw Fury revealed three new titles and trailers, starting with the reveal of Wolfstride. Developed by São Paulo-based Ota Imon, this new, anime-inspired, turn-based combat RPG with mech action and management is coming to Steam in 2021.

Check out the Wolfstride Reveal Trailer below:

As former yakuza Dominique Shade, you’ll compete in the ultimate mech tournament while exploring an over-the-top, hyper-stylized world with stunning visuals. Take on odd jobs for the many characters in Rain City to pay for repairs and upgrades, customize your mech for unique advantages, and make strategic decisions about how to fight in epic mech battles.

Raw Fury has also released a new story trailer for Per Aspera, Tlön Industries’ sci-fi planetary sim about the challenges of base-building and terraforming Mars for human colonization in a genre not traditionally known for narrative content. Coming to Steam this winter, you’ll explore the Martian surface, harvest natural resources for your settlements, and utilize technology based on real-life engineering and scientific principles to create a thriving interplanetary operation.

Per Aspera Story trailer:

Finally, battle against overwhelming odds in Star Renegades’ new animated cinematic trailer. From the makers of Halcyon 6: Starbase CommanderStar Renegades is a challenging rogue-lite strategy RPG coming to Steam later this year. Lead a ragtag squad of rebels in a desperate interplanetary rebellion against an evolving, merciless adversary in tactical turn-based combat.

Star Renegades “Corruption” Trailer:

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