Razer Pro Click Mini – Portable mouse for Productivity

Mar 4, 2022

Razer has a new mouse for productivity-oriented users: the Pro Click Mini. Unlike their first productivity mouse, the Pro Click, Razer’s new Pro Click Mini does not offer an ergonomic design but does keep the same colorways while also improving the design in one critical area.

What I Liked

The original Pro Click is my favorite mouse. I use it every day for work (spreadsheets, word processing, email, web browsing/web applications). I appreciate its long battery life and ergonomic design. In fact, I prefer it over the widely-favored Logitech MX Master series – a mouse I have purchased and returned three times due to discomfort. What I love about that mouse is not entirely present in the Pro Click Mini. Thankfully, however, Razer has improved upon the Pro Click by dampening the sound of the left and right mouse buttons and also adding an infinite scrolling wheel. Razer has branded this HyperScroll, which is absolutely on-brand (and I love the brand!).

For my numerous work routines, I do not leverage infinite scrolling. Although, I do understand how it works and why many professionals appreciate it. If Razer were to bring this to their next, regular-sized and ergonomic Pro Click. That would better position them for competing with the MX Master series.

Another great feature of the Pro Click Mini is the rated battery life. By leveraging two AA batteries (Energizer Max included in the packaging), Razer has rated the battery life from 465 hours. (using a 2.4 GHz adapter) up to 725 hours (using Bluetooth). This brings me to the very best feature that Razer has implemented with the Pro Click Mini. Support for connecting two Razer devices using one USB-A adapter. This new feature is not backward compatible with every Razer product. It is reserved for newer products such as the Deathadder V2 Pro.

At $79.99 you may look at this as just another portable mouse. And, certainly, much of what I love about this mouse I want to see in the next version of the Pro Click for desktop use. Yet, for those who want a portable mouse, I think this is a great option due to the comfort (relative to other portable mice), battery life, design, and overall high-level build quality.