Recap of Kate Beckinsale’s Panel at Comicpalooza

Jun 22, 2016



Kate Beckinsale was in attendance at Comicpalooza and held a special Q&A for her fans. She was adorably hilarious and brought up stories from Val Helsing, to Serendipity.

Here’s a brief recap of the panel:

Q: What was your most emotionally demanding film and physically demanding?

“Emotionally demanding, I think Snow Angels. Physically Demanding, I think Val Helsing was the most. I remember being told you were going to have a days off. It’s going to be very relaxing. Then for 6 months, I found myself still hanging from a tree, thinking ‘Why am I still in the tree? Why is Hugh? Why is this still happening?'”

Q: What was it like to work on Serendipity?

“I tell you whats amazing about that film is that its one of the few romantic comedies that I have done. Even possibly the only one I have ever done. If a man comes up to me and says “Oh by the way i really liked one of your movies”,  it’s always that which is shocking since I’ve done so many boy-type movies and the boys usually like Serendipity the best. It was a lovely experience, I really liked working with John. It was a bit tricky because in New York, it was as hot as it is now and we were pretending to Ice Skate in Central Park with lots of clothes. “

Q: What was it like making the transition from Underworld to Van Helsing, playing a Vampire then a Vampire Hunter?

(Jokingly) “That was a silly move. I think I made a bit of a fool of myself doing that because they were back to back. I went straight from the first underworld to that one.”

Q: Would you ever consider dressing up for Halloween in one of your costumes?

“I’ve already done it. I love dressing up for Halloween… I got my Underworld suit in the closet, somewhere in the back. I sort of built around it and hoped nobody would ever notice that I was actually wearing my Underworld costume. I wore one piece of it and I sort of jazzed it up with devil horns and a wig and a tail and I think I got away with it but of course now I’ve screwed myself.”

On the subject of which movies of her she has seen the most,

“The latest movie I have out, Love and Friendship is the one I have seen the most. Normally you see them once and you have this kind of nervous breakdown and attack of self loathing and you can’t watch it for like a decade. Maybe that’s just me. But that one I have seen like 9 times.”

Beckinsale shared a hilarious story of her night out seeing Underworld 2 in theaters,

“I once went to see Underworld 2 in Time Square under a hoody. Sometimes it’s quite nice to see with an audience. Its nice to see what actual people are making of the movie. There is a big guy next to me, three or four guys ahead and it’s a scene where I’m sorta getting into bed with Scott Speedman and I certainly heard the man next to me say “I’m gonna see me some titties!” I was like, I’m never doing this again.”

Beckinsale was asked what superhero role she would like to play, while also taking suggestions from the fans,

“I was quite keen on Black Widow but I’ve worn such a similar outfit, also Catwoman. I feel like it would be boring since everyone has seen me in that costume anyway. What other superheroes are there?

Wonder Woman? but she is already somebody. That has already happened. That ship has sailed for us. Captain Who? Captain Marvel? Is that a woman? Do I have to wear a big top hat? No, Alright then, I’m Game.”

Kate couldn’t talk much about the upcoming Underworld film but she did mention it would feature a new type of villain out for Selene’s blood.


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