Recreating A Classic

Oct 7, 2010

Here at Geeks With Wives, we’ve been having fun with an interesting concept: taking an old game and giving it the “next generation” touch. Think about it; many of those games are timeless. In fact, only a small portion of today’s games are actually original stories. The rest are driven by old stories passed down through generations, or observed in other games, books, and films.

Have you ever wondered what the original Zelda would look like running under the Unreal Engine and played from a 3rd person, over-the-shoulder perspective? Can you imagine Syphon Filter or Double Dragon with updated graphics, sound, and expanded controls? There is a market out there for it. Bionic Commando Rearmed sold so well that it prompted an original sequel. The original Prince of Persia trilogy is being remastered for 360 and PS3. Folks, it can be done.

We want to know which games you would recreate and under what graphical style. The most talked about reboot will be discussed on our first podcast!