Red Hood: Outlaw #45 (REVIEW)

May 20, 2020

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Red Hood: Outlaw #45
DC Comics

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: Paulo Pantalena
Colors by: Arif Prianto
Letters by: Troy Peteri


It’s too bad it took an old storyline to inject life back into Red Hood’s world, but at least the series has some legitimate steam again. Although, it looks like we’re going to see some of the lesser characters from the Professor Jason Todd days, soon.

That’s been part of the problem since Red Hood outfit change — the use of side characters. His team-up with Batwoman was fun and there were moments with Bunker and Wingman, but that’s it. Just went we get the Dark Trinity back, and Essence enters the fray, we find out Generation Outlaw could be back in the mix soon.

Still, a solid issue. Lots of action. Paulo Pantalena is getting a chance to shine, finally.

And, as much as there was a frustrating tease of characters being reintroduced, there was also an unforeseen addition in Red Hood: Outlaw #45 that’s exciting.

(WARNING: Spoilers for in Red Hood: Outlaw #45 ahead.)

Artemis finally has Mistress back — well, sort of. Her gigantic, enchanted ax is back, but someone else is holding it. Oddly enough, she goes by Mistress. She’s clearly an ally, but there has to be more to this story. Hopefully, Lobdell doesn’t rush it.

Now, as much as the action in Red Hood: Outlaw #45 and Essence have helped put the story back on course, there’s still something left to be desired. Jason just doesn’t have the same edge he used to. He feels more like a hero, and we all know there are already plenty of those in the DC Universe.

One thing that makes the character so compelling is the constant internal conflict he battles, and how he sometimes lets his darker side take the wheel. We haven’t really had much of that in a while, and that limits the ceiling for Red Hood: Outlaw.