Retcon #1 REVIEW

Sep 12, 2017

Retcon #1
Image Comics

Written by: Matt Nixon
Art by: Toby Cypress
Letters by: Matt Krotzer

I decided to review Retcon #1 based on the cover. It’s a new series, and based on the cover, I was expecting it to be weird and paranormal. I was not disappointed. Retcon #1 follows the story of Brandon Ross, a guy with “abilities” that reluctantly works for a government group that deals with paranormal threats. Don’t get me wrong though, this isn’t the X-Files. This book has monsters and heartless government directors and explosions and a wild, psychedelic art style that makes it unique and refreshing.

This premier issue drops you right into the story, but with enough narration that none of the confusion that often comes with stories that begin in medias res. The main character has cool abilities and seems like a genuine good guy, and the villains are menacing, dangerous, and intriguing. But while the story is decent, the art is captivating. A wild blend of psychedelia, horror, and noir that compels you to stare at every panel even after you’ve finished reading. It’s not perfect, there are panels that could be tightened up, but wow is it interesting. It calls back to artists like Bill Sienkewicz with a hint of Lovecraftian flavor.

Retcon #1 is a weird and wild paranormal ride with the perfect art style to match.