Retro-Bit and Toaplan partner to release Shooters Collector’s Edition Pre Order Details

Sep 10, 2020


Beginning 9/15/2020, Shooters Collector’s Edition will give gamers a chance to get their hands on a limited edition collection. Retro-Bit Publishing has come forth with another limited edition publication. This time they are partnering with Shmup Toaplan to release the whole collection of officially licensed Toaplan games for the SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive consoles.

Retro-Bit Publishing has partnered with Toaplan and developer Masahiro Yuge to reintroduce a whole collection of the most esteemed titles as an exclusive Collectors Edition. This release joins Retro-Bit Publishing’s assortment of titles like Metal Storm, Holy Diver and R-Type.

First introduced in 1979, Japanese developer Toaplan, together with Masahiro Yuge, became the creators of 80s classic shooting games most famous for featuring parallax scrolling backgrounds, which is where the background and foreground move at different speeds – making an enticing difference during this classic time of gaming. They were also one of the first companies to start releasing game soundtracks through disc media.

The Toaplan Collection is set to release this 2020 Holiday Season and will include the Toaplan Games:

  • Fire Shark
  • Hellfire
  • Truxton
  • Zero Wing

Zero Wing

The only prior release of Zero Wing for SEGA Mega Drive was in Japan and Europe. It proved to be a successful arcade game that transitioned well onto home consoles. Recently, Zero Wing made a modern-day return with a notable meme on the internet in the retro gaming community for its scene dialogue “All your base are belong to us”, making the game considerably more treasured by retro gamers. Retro-Bit’s release of Zero Wing now includes 30 alternate endings translated to English for the first time ever.

Shooter Collector's Edition Zero Wing Img

Fire Shark

Toaplan’s Fire Shark is a classic shoot ’em up style game based in the war era and had a complete soundtrack released in 1989. It is filled with smooth, nonstop shooting and promises some action packed explosives.

Shooter Collector's Edition Fire Shark Img


Hellfire used a unique power up system to give 4 different firing options. The Geneis version was well received upon release with Mega Tech magazine stating it is “a slick and very good looking blaster which oozes playability”.

Shooter Collector's Edition Hellfire Img


Toaplan’s Truxton features a setting in space where players will battle against an alien invasion. The classic shoot ’em up game was raved by Mean Machines as “a fine example of a pure no-frills arcade blast”.

Shooter Collector's Edition Truxton Img

Pre-Order Window:  9/15 – 10/6 Exclusive Online Retailers:North America:

  • Limited Run Games
  • Castlemania Games
  • Local Independent Video Game stores 


  • Strictly Limited Games
  • Dragonbox
  • Spel & Sånt
  • Local Independent Video Game stores 

*Pre-Order Listings will go live on 9/15
PRICE:North America:Individual Games: $44.99 Special Pre-Order All 4: $159.99
Europe:Individual Games: €39.99Special Pre-Order All 4: €144.99
TITLES: For Genesis & Mega Drive

  • Truxton
  • Hellfire
  • Fire Shark
  • Zero Wing – First time ever released outside of Japan and includes ALL 30+ alternate endings fully translated to English. 

Each Collector’s Edition will include:

  • Translucent 
    • Nebula Truxton Cartridge
    • Zircon Hellfire Cartridge
    • Air Strike Fire Shark Cartridge
    • Plasma Zero Wing Cartridge 
  • Vivid & Detailed Full-Color Instruction Manual 
  • Reversible Cartridge Cover with embellished artwork
  • Collector’s Embossed Slipcover with Custom Design 
  • Special interview with developer Masahiro Yuge
  • Individually Numbered Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Exclusive Vintage 80’s Puffy Sticker Set 

If you Pre-Order ALL 4 you will receive:

  • Commemorative Slipcover to house all 4 Games 
  • Thank You Card from Masahiro Yuge 
  • Zero Wing Collectible Enamel Pin
Toaplan Shooters Collector's Edition

Remember to check back with us for reviews and gameplay.