Review: Army of Darkness (iOS)

Jun 20, 2011

Klaatu Varata Niktu” I’ve never met anyone that just kind of likes Army of Darkness. It’s a polarizing film. You either love it or don’t get it. If you fall into the crowd that digs anything with Bruce Campbell you will love this game. At it’s core, AoD is a castle defender. On top of that is a phenomenal implementation of audio sound bites, visual skins, and some RPG elements that are unique to the world created by Sam Raimi.

The premise is clear: in 50 waves of onslaught you collect gold and upgrade your troops, weapons, and castle defense to stop Evil Ash from getting the Necronomicon. The memory characters return: Ash, Sheila, Arthur, Henry the Red, the wiseman, and even the blacksmith. The weapons also pay homage to the film. Ash has his memorable chainsaw-hand and shotgun. The magic spells you cast are fun too. They really are well balanced leading to solid replay value.

You can probably find it for $0.99 if you wait for a weekend sale. Enjoy!