Review: Razer Firefly

Nov 15, 2018

Thanks to Razer for sending GWW this review unit.

  • Excellent lighting effects and options
  • Smooth, soft surface
  • Good size

Razer has unleashed a Chroma lighting enabled mouse-pad, and it’s actually awesome. As a young gamer I didn’t think twice about my mouse-pad. Over the years I switched between soft and firm mouse-pads until I finally settled on what was best for me. But one thing I couldn’t do before the Firefly is add some personalization.

The Good

The cloth surface is buttery smooth. I’ve forgotten how silent a cloth mouse-pad can be. And when you consider the wide layout of this mouse-pad, you really will fall in love with it. The Chroma lighting effects can be beautiful as well. I’m not creative or, perhaps, patient enough to create fancy, layered Chroma effects. Although I do like what I’ve done, which is a checkered layout of 2 colors around the entire border of the mouse-pad. The Chroma studio takes a little getting used to. If you have any experience with photo or video editing, you’ll be familiar with the Effect Layer (left side) which allows you to stack effects, such as breathing and static.

What Needs Improvement

The lighting, which fires downward, would be even better if it bled through the cloth or at least were brighter. It looks really great in the dark. But in moderate lighting it’s hard to see your lighting effects.

Who is this For?

Those who are ready for a little flair and style on a buttery smooth cloth mouse-pad. Both the hard and cloth editions retail for $49.99.


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