Review: Singularity

Apr 21, 2011

There isn’t a developer out there who knows how to build an FPS better than Raven Software. In the 90’s they gave us Heretic and Hexan. From 2000 to 2009 They gave us several Star Trek games and my personal favorite FPS: Jedi Knight 2. Not to mention Quake 4 and Wolfenstein. To say they have started the next decade with a bang is understating their value to an industry loaded with devs who fail to build on established FPS strong points and build upon them. Thus, Singularity is everything Raven has done for the past 20 years and more.

The game begins with you and a small military team flying over an island near Russia. A massive explosion lands leaves you and one other soldier as the only survivors, and a large singularity comes into view. The ensuing events lead you back and forth through time while on the island. There haven’t been many memorable games that move you through time and allow you to see the results of your actions. While Singularity is not an open-world game, it is fun to witness change to the facility over time even though it is not by choice. You are playing from the perspective of the protagonist and you witness his actions – not your own. Again, this is still fun.

Singularity is quite long for an FPS. You’ll finish somewhere between 8-12 hours. The multiplayer component is nothing to write home about. The graphics are superb, sound is outstanding, and voice acting is very good. The game’s controls are also quite good and easy to use. Content-wise, the story, weapons, and items are engaging and fun.

This is not a must play for PS3 owners, but it is a must-play for FPS fans. Nobody does it better than Raven, and they proved it here.