Vampironica #3 Review

Sep 6, 2018


Vampironica #3

Writer: Greg Smallwood and Megan Smallwood
Art:  Greg Smallwood, Jack Morelli 
Letters: Jack Morelli
Covers: Greg Smallwood, Francesco Francavilla, Audrey Mok


Vampironica has quickly become one of my favorite reads out right now and this issue is no different. In it, we meet up with Veronica as she is attempting to infiltrate her childhood home, Lodge Mansion, where Vampires have murdered her family. There she finds that her parents are not dead but instead, undead. While trying to speak with them and save Archie she learns they are far more interested in killing him than listening to reason. With the help of Dilly and Archie, Veronica must stop a sinister plot that is brewing in Riverdale.

Greg Smallwood and Meg Smallwood have created something really special with this story. This comic captures the humerus and campy nature of a traditional Archie comic but adds a few twists. Veronica is a vampire killing badass that hasn’t lost any of the feminity that makes her such an iconic character. Veronica’s dialogue and wardrobe choices feel genuine. As a woman myself, I think a lot of women fantasize about stabbing vampires, being empowered, and doing so while wearing a sleek outfit.

Greg Smallwood’s art is beautifully done and his coloring on accentuates it further. I particularly love the Smallwood’s creative angles as well as the background of panels. These ascetic choices draw the eye to important moments. In addition to the art, I have been consistently impressed with the cover and variant covers of this book. 

The overall kooky story reminds me of Buffy or Evil Dead. This is a fantastic addition to Archie Comics’ horror line and if you have not already I highly recommend picking up from issue 1.

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