**Revolutionizing AI: io.net and Synesis One’s Decentralized Alliance**

May 17, 2024

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Article Summary


A strategic alliance has been formed between io.net and Synesis One to enhance machine learning model training through decentralized computing networks.


io.net, a leader in decentralized computing solutions, has partnered with Synesis One, the first Train2Earn platform on Solana, to provide enterprise clients with more efficient and easier machine learning model training capabilities.

Main Points

Isaac Bang, CEO of Synesis One, expressed excitement about utilizing io.net’s decentralized computing network for building custom ML models for large projects. The partnership aims to accelerate decentralized model training using io.net’s GPU clusters, emphasizing scalability, security, and operational effectiveness. Both companies share a vision for decentralization and improving data security in AI applications.


The collaboration between Synesis One and io.net marks a significant step in AI development, focusing on integrating their technologies to benefit the broader AI community. This strategic alliance showcases a mutual commitment to advancing AI development through cutting-edge decentralized solutions that surpass centralized systems.