Revolutionizing Bitcoin DeFi: Velar Artha & Bitlayer’s PerpDex Partnership

May 17, 2024

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Velar Artha Partnership with Bitlayer: Revolutionizing Bitcoin DeFi


Velar, a prominent Bitcoin DeFi innovator, has teamed up with Bitlayer to unveil Velar Artha, the world’s first Perpetual Decentralized Exchange (PerpDex) on Bitlayer’s EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer 2, expanding the possibilities of decentralized finance on Bitcoin infrastructure.


Velar has partnered with Bitlayer to introduce Velar Artha, a groundbreaking PerpDex, revolutionizing the way traders exchange perpetual contracts directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, setting a new standard for Bitcoin DeFi and ensuring transaction security and decentralization.

Main Points

Velar’s partnership with Bitlayer marks a significant milestone in deploying PerpDex to key partners, offering new trading options for various assets within a secure and decentralized environment. The CEO of Velar, Mithil Thakore, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration in advancing the Bitcoin ecosystem and reshaping the future of finance on Bitcoin.

Bitlayer, with its innovative BitVM approach, provides a Layer 2 security solution for Bitcoin, enabling an EVM-compatible environment for developers to create DeFi apps with enhanced security features. The integration of Velar on Bitlayer signifies a major development in the Bitcoin DeFi space, catering to the trading demands within the community.


Veral Artha, the first PerpDex on Bitcoin, will empower users to engage in leveraged trading on various assets, unlocking idle capital within the Bitcoin ecosystem and allowing BTC holders to participate in DeFi without compromising their custodial security. This collaboration between Velar and Bitlayer signifies a crucial step towards reshaping the landscape of Bitcoin-based decentralized finance.