Revolutionizing Crypto Trading: Multipool’s $200k Fjord Foundry Launch

May 22, 2024

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Multipool Launches LBP on Fjord Foundry Raising $200k in 24 Hours


Multipool, a prominent player in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, raised $200k within 24 hours of launching their Fjord Foundry LBP on May 21st. They are making significant strides in transforming the trading landscape for real-world assets (RWAs) and cryptocurrencies.


Multipool, a leading innovator in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, recently initiated their Fjord Foundry LBP, garnering $200k in the first day. This move solidifies their position as a key player in reshaping the marketplace for RWAs and cryptocurrencies.

Main Points

Wojciech Kaszycki, a Core Contributor at Multipool, expressed excitement over the community’s positive response, hitting the $200k mark in the LBP’s initial phase. The LBP offers a unique opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to engage in a project aiming to popularize RWAs and cryptocurrencies. Multipool has secured partnerships with industry giants like BSO, Mobilum, NxGen, Hacken, and IMMIN8 Labs.


Multipool, with its cutting-edge decentralized exchange, is revolutionizing the trading sphere for RWAs and cryptocurrencies. The launch of the Fjord Foundry LBP and subsequent partnership with major industry players demonstrate Multipool’s commitment to driving innovation and accessibility in the crypto space.