Revolutionizing Crypto Trading: Multipool’s Fjord Foundry Success

May 22, 2024

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Multipool’s Fjord Foundry LBP Launch Summary


Multipool, a prominent figure in the blockchain and crypto realm, initiated the Fjord Foundry LBP, raising $200k within the first 24 hours, making significant strides in reshaping the trading landscape for RWAs and cryptocurrencies.


Multipool launched the Fjord Foundry LBP on May 21st, with a strong community response reaching $200k on the first day. This move positions Multipool as a key player in driving transformation in the marketplace for RWAs and cryptocurrencies.

Main Points

Wojciech Kaszycki, a Core Contributor at Multipool, expressed excitement over the LBP’s success, offering crypto enthusiasts an opportunity to engage in a forward-looking project aiming to bring RWAs & Crypto to the masses. Multipool’s upcoming public launch on Uniswap V3 follows the closure of the LBP.


Multipool, backed by industry leaders like BSO, Mobilum, NxGen, Hacken, and IMMIN8 Labs, is set to create a significant impact in the industry, eliminating the need for CEX. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to innovation, Multipool introduces a new era in DeFi trading with unparalleled efficiency and security.