“Revolutionizing Decentralized Infrastructure: AIOZ Network’s Breakthrough with Nvidia”

May 22, 2024

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AIOZ Network Listing on Nvidia Accelerated Applications Catalog


AIOZ Network has become the first DePIN Company listed on the Nvidia Accelerated Applications Catalog, marking a significant advancement for decentralized infrastructure.


The recent listing of AIOZ Network on the Nvidia Accelerated Applications Catalog signifies a major milestone in the realm of decentralized infrastructure. This recognition from Nvidia opens up new possibilities for developers looking to leverage AIOZ Network’s DePIN capabilities.

Main Points

AIOZ Network, known for its innovative approach to web3 AI computes, data storage, and streaming infrastructure, boasts a network of over 160,000 human-powered nodes. The launch of AIOZ Node V3 in Q1 2024 allows for passive utilization of GPU and CPU resources to support upcoming solutions like W3AI.

The team at AIOZ Network has introduced DePIN-powered storage solutions like AIOZ W3S and AIOZ W3IPFS, which have gained traction in various sectors including Web3 gaming and NFTs.

The upcoming launch of AIOZ W3AI will enable AI developers to harness AIOZ DePIN GPU and CPU for web3 AI applications. The W3AI marketplace will facilitate storage, sharing of AI models, and secure collaborative training with homomorphic encryption.


Founder Erman Tjiputra expressed enthusiasm about being featured on the Nvidia catalog, emphasizing the exposure to a vast developer community. The AIOZ Network aims to foster an open and decentralized landscape for the advancement of web3 AI infrastructure, providing innovative solutions for future users.