“Revolutionizing Gaming: zkCandy’s Path to Leading Blockchain Scaling Solution”

May 23, 2024

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zkCandy Article Summary


zkCandy, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum geared towards the gaming industry, appoints William Croisettier as Chief Growth Officer. William’s background in blockchain ecosystems and business development is set to accelerate zkCandy’s mission of building a leading gaming ecosystem on zkSync.


zkCandy, a dedicated zkSync gaming and AI-focused hyperchain, aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by combining cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof scaling solutions with gaming expertise. The appointment of William Croisettier is a strategic move to drive growth and expand zkCandy’s presence in the gaming market.

Main Points

William’s experience includes driving innovation in blockchain ecosystems and scaling businesses in Asia. zkCandy leverages zkSync’s zero-knowledge proofs for fast and affordable transactions, enabling developers to create immersive gaming worlds. William’s efforts in Asia have already expanded zkCandy’s reach and formed key partnerships in the region.

zkCandy, a collaboration between zkSync and iCandy Interactive, marks a convergence of advanced scaling solutions and gaming environments. William’s enthusiasm and expertise are seen as valuable assets to zkCandy’s growth strategy, aiming to lead the APAC market and enhance the zk L2 ecosystem.


zkCandy, as the first hyperchain designed for gaming within the zkSync ecosystem, is positioned to address gas fee challenges and transaction speed issues. The partnership between Matter Labs and iCandy Interactive showcases innovation at the intersection of technology and gaming, with zkCandy poised to be a leading scaling solution for blockchain game developers.