“Revolutionizing Payments: Zeebu’s Rise in Blockchain Finance”

May 19, 2024

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Zeebu: A Leading Blockchain Payment Platform


Zeebu has surpassed $2 billion in total payment volume, showcasing its growth in the blockchain-based payments platform and its impact on decentralized financial solutions in the telecom industry.


Zeebu has achieved a significant milestone by exceeding $2 billion in total payment volume, indicating its rapid growth and influence in driving decentralized financial solutions in the telecom industry.

Main Points

Zeebu’s on-chain settlement platform has efficiently settled thousands of invoices, escalating from $1 billion to over $2 billion in transactions. The platform’s scalability and demand for its services are evident.

Through the ZBU Token, Zeebu offers instant payment solutions, reducing transaction times and eliminating intermediaries with smart contract technology. The token also enhances participant engagement through a loyalty and rewards system.

Zeebu has expanded its user base with telecom carriers and businesses leveraging its capabilities, solidifying its position as a trusted payment platform in the market.

Zeebu’s involvement in token burns, major events, and partnerships with industry platforms has strengthened its presence and credibility, with a focus on enhancing user experience and community engagement.


Zeebu’s achievements in surpassing $2 billion in total payment volume, coupled with strategic initiatives and partnerships, position it as a leading blockchain-based payment platform in the telecom industry, poised for further growth and innovation.