Robins #1 (REVIEW)

Nov 17, 2021

Mad Cave Studios


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Robins #1

From the jump, I loved the concept for Robins. All of Batman’s former Robins facing someone who claims to have also been Robin? Not to mention, this alleged ex-Robin claims to have been the original? Sounds like a small-scale Court of Owls concept — someone who’s always existed, yet no one knows about.


Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Baldemar Rivas
Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters by: Steve Wands

That said, this also makes for a challenge. How have none of these Robins — especially the amazing detective Tim Drake — have no knowledge of this individual? It’s one thing if she didn’t actually predate Dick Grayson — which is another issue we could very well deal with in this series. If she did, there’s going to be a lot to unpack, which should mean this will be a fast-moving series given it’s six issues long.

That said, Robins #1 was a little slow, and I’m not sure how I feel about the reason they’re all meeting together — which has nothing to do with this imposter, yet has everything to do with her. It’s a solid table-setting first issue. Definitely something anyone who’s even only a little familiar with each Robin can read. Between the art style and the pacing, it feels like this issue was geared more toward that sort of reader.

Regardless, this series still has a lot of potential. “The real first Robin” is clearly the most damaged one of the bunch. And I truly hope she is the actual first Robin. Because that only adds more weight to the question: “Why does Batman keep turning kids into his sidekick?”

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