‘Rogue One’ Production Designer Doug Chiang Joins Jon Favreau’s ‘Star Wars’ Series

May 24, 2018

While we recently learned that Jon Favreau plans to set his Star Wars series seven years after The Return of The Jedi and would focus on new characters. We had been a little worried who would end up working behind the scenes on it as the films are being made.

ThatHashtagShow has some reassuring news as Rogue One production designer Doug Chiang and Jungle Book’s art director Andrew L. Jones (Avatar, The Last Samurai) have joined the series and will design the look of the series as production designers.

Chiang has a deep resume in the Star Wars universe first working on The Phantom Menace along with Attack of The Clones and The Force Awakens.

A huge win for fans even if we don’t know the full picture of their plans just yet. We are still excited to see what the show ultimately looks like as these two are perfectly capable of bringing the Star Wars universe to the small screen.

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