Rogue Sun #2: Image Comics Review

Mar 29, 2022

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Among the things Rogue Sun promised to address in the series-opening issue was family issues. Turns out, Ryan Parrott isn’t pulling his punches on that matter, as made evident in Rogue Sun #2.

Image Comics
Written by: Ryan Parrott
Art by: Abel
Colors by: Chris O’Halloran
Letters by: Fonografiks

Part of this story’s appeal following the first issue was the unlikely person taking on the mantle of a fallen hero. Of course, we have seen that happen before in various ways, but not often with a deplorable young character. We all knew a Dylan, or perhaps we were a Dylan. The idea of them getting an absurd amount of power isn’t exactly comforting.

But Parrott is peeling back the layers quickly, and readers are finding out why Dylan is the way he is. Things just get worse and worse for this kid. Sure, he has these cool new powers, but stress comes with that. Plus, he isn’t exactly getting a whole lot of help from the one person who should be able to. (Quite the opposite, in fact.)

Speaking of Abel, his action sequences in Rogue Sun #2 are outstanding. Big fan of his style, and the villain readers meet in this issue give reason to be optimistic about the character he’ll be designing moving forward in this must-read series.

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