Rumor: Booster Gold To Appear In DC’s ‘Blue Beetle’ Movie

Jan 14, 2019

A fan-favorite DC character may be making his big screen debut soon!

The GWW has been informed by a reliable source that time the traveling super-hero Booster Gold will have a small role in the upcoming ‘Blue Beetle’ movie. Since the movie is still early in development, this could change but as of now Booster Gold is in the script.

The movie will focus on the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, as he is mentored by the original Blue Beetle, Ted Kord. In the comics, Kord and Booster were close friends who headlined their own series titled Blue and Gold.

Booster Gold first appeared in Booster Gold #1 in 1986 and has since gone on to be a member of the Justice League and Justice League International. He traveled to the present day from 25th Century Gotham City with the help from a robot named Skeets after he stole equipment from various members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

While he isn’t getting his own solo movie yet, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Titans’ producer Greg Berlanti has a script focusing on the character ready to go as soon as he gets the green light from Warner Bros.

Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer is penning the ‘Blue Beetle’ script with Zev Foreman producing. A director has yet to be announced.