RUMOR: Fox Won’t Let The ‘Gambit’ Movie Just Die And Could Shoot This February In New Orleans

Sep 20, 2018

Gambit doesn’t seem to want to die and Fox keeps pushing plans to shoot it even though they’ve been having trouble keeping directors on the project. The latest update we have suggests they want to get things rolling just before the Disney/Fox merger is cemented next summer.

We’ve learned Fox is attempting to get production up and running one more time for February 15th in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Previously, we reported that the film would be shooting at Big Easy Studios. Fox has used the stage locale in the past  for projects like Logan and Dawn of The Planet of The Apes.

At one point, they had originally planned on filming last February, then it was delayed to the spring/summer, and then placed on hiatus for an undisclosed time (despite producer Simon Kinberg suggesting a late summer start).

We are a little wary because the film has been moving start dates repeatedly and is without an official director. However, there is now word that they’ve cleared the entire crew starting from scratch which would support this new start date and new crew hires could be coming very soon.

Consider this just a rumor for the time being until something more official is announced.

Fox had originally planned on Gambit being released next summer, but that certainly won’t be happening.


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