RUMOR: Joker Showing-Up In ‘Batman V Superman’ and Red Hood On The Way?

Apr 28, 2015


Latino Review is hearing a rumor that we’ll be getting a flashback sequence in Batman v Superman that shows or alludes to Jared Leto‘s Joker brutal killing of Jason Todd, the second Robin that was seen in the comic Death In The Family.

We’ve been suggesting that The Joker would be apart of the film since cinematographer Larry Fong teased his involvement with a set photo that had a playing card stuck in a piece of the set almost a year ago. At the time, Jared Leto hadn’t been cast and Suicide Squad was still in development, so it was greatly dismissed.

Ben Affleck has been spotted on the set of Suicide Squad which could further connect BVS to Suicide Squad, which might lead to Joker being involved with the solo Batman film.


It’s been stated by Latino Review previously that we’ll be seeing Jason Todd referenced in the film with his uniform in-cased in glass in the Batcave, establishing Batman as having failures in the past and setting-up his history with Joker. Mentioning that Warner Brothers has big plans for the character who becomes the vigilante Red Hood, taking on the name which was originally used by the Joker. We still don’t know if the studio is aiming to introduce the character beyond Robin in Suicide Squad or Batman V Superman, but there is speculation he could be setup as a villain in the next solo Batman film.

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Scott Eastwood landed a role that has been confirmed won’t be Steve Trevor, yet it could see the actor showing up in other movies. Since he’s way too young for the Deathstroke role, the newcomer could be given a role like Nightwing or Red Hood.

We’ve seen how the animated films have influenced the creative choices for the DCCU, with Batman: Assault on Arkham being incorporated into David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Seeing Batman: Under The Red Hood being used for the films isn’t hard to imagine, but would need a more grounded take on the story. The masked vigilante starts violently targeting the criminal element in Gotham and eventually sets his eyes on The Joker. It’s a way to bring back the Joker into a solo Batman film, without being too reliant on the Joker’s role in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns which is likely getting folded into other films.

Jared Leto has showed-off his muscular take on Joker’s psychique in a new Instagram photo, it’s been said his look will be greatly inspired by Frank Miller‘s buff Joker, which is on display here. Leto is also being cheeky by taking a shot at Batman by sporting a Superman workout tank top, could he be teasing his involvement in BVS?


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