RUMOR: Marvel Looking To Cast Amora or Hela For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’?

Nov 12, 2015


Take the following with a grain of salt, but it sounds like we might be getting a major female villain in Thor: Ragnarok as reported by gossip site Lainey Gossip. I’m not thrilled by the source, but it lines-up to what we’ve been hearing for ages.

We’ve actually suspected for months that both Hela and Amora would be potentially in the film being key Thor characters still unused by Marvel. Even more so when BDM revealed Valkyrie could be a new addition to the film, as both villains have ties to the Marvel heroine.

Amora The Enchantress has been rumored since the first film, and since it’s likely one of the last solo films for Thor they might as well finally use characters like her. She would be the perfect addition considering her connections to Loki and Valkyrie (rumored to be in the film as well) making her a prime candidate to show up in the film.

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Using Amora seems extremely likely as she’s also a member of the Masters of Evil and an antagonist of Doctor Strange as well, a crossover villain not unlike Loki.

Hela could be a major player too, as she is slightly more powerful than Amora ruling the underworld realm of Hel, and has ties to cosmic baddie Thanos via Mephisto. She also has links to both Loki and Valkyrie, it’ll be interesting how they’d deal with Hela being the daughter of Loki in the comics.


I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Hela turned out to be Thano’s love Death.

Seemingly the cinematic fix to Suicide Squad using the name Enchantress and Hela being the daughter of Loki, would be to make Amora the ruler of Hel. Possibly combining the two villains, but I’m unsure that triple dynamic between Thor, Amora and Loki would work if she’s established to be bound to the realm of Hel. We’ll see though there’s plenty of potential here, and we’ve been dying to see Marvel give us a major lead female villain.

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I suspect that Surtur and even Mephisto could also get into the mix as well.



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