RUMOR: Netflix Has Greenlit ‘Narcos’ Season 5 and Could Begin Shooting Within Months

Sep 5, 2018

While Season 4 of Narcos starring Michael Pena and Diego Luna has yet to be released by Netflix, we now have word they’ve already greenlit Season 5 of the series which shouldn’t be too surprising considering it’s international popularity.

There is also word that filming could begin as early has November. This seems a little quick to us but without production dates it’s only a rumor for the moment and possibly what Netflix hopes will happen.

The production has seen real-life violence and credible cartel threats. We still hope that they attempt to move production into safer locations for the safety of it’s cast and crew. Due to our own safety concerns for the show we won’t be disclosing crew member names, specific locations or production dates for Narcos.

Not having seen the new series myself I have no idea who will be returning for this next season.

Season 4 of Narcos is expected set to drop on Netflix this fall.