RUMOR: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ To Feature Vulture As Secondary Villain

Apr 12, 2016


Spider-Man: Homecoming is indeed looking like the official title for Marvel’s Spider-Man solo film as Birth.Movies.Death is reaffirming that it’s likely the title Sony will be going with.

The site goes on to add that Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture will be a secondary villain the new film.

The Vulture will be in this movie. Will he be the main baddie? Will he be a villain Spidey has to defeat in an opening scene? I don’t know, although old rumors that passed by my ears indicated a non-main villain role for the old bird.

Sam Raimi’s cancelled Spider-Man 4 attempted to include the Vulture played by Sir Ben Kingsley, who would eventually play the Mandarin instead in Marvel’s Iron Man 3. The character has also been setup for appearances in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and his own spin-off in Drew Goddard’s Sinister Six.

If the Vulture isn’t the main villain of Spider-Man: Homecoming then who is?

I’d personally would love to see another classic unused villain like Kraven The Hunter involved, but it’s possible this information could be released soon with production taking place this summer. Kraven and Vulture had teamed-up against Spider-Man on more than a few times as a duo along with the Sinister Six.

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