Rumor Suggests Marvel Wants Angelina Jolie To Direct ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’

Feb 8, 2015


Tabloid magazine OK! (via ComicBook) has reportedly learned that Angelina Jolie has been offered the directing gig on Marvel Studios’ upcoming female superhero film Captain Marvel.

While this is indeed exciting news and Jolie did reasonable job with her recent effort Unbroken there are few things that bother me about this story.

First, they claim that Marvel is offering Angelina $20M to direct the feature which sets-off alarms.

Considering we know Marvel Studios is notoriously cheap when it comes to paying both it’s directors and actors.

Secondly, the studio has been doing all it can to avoid big named directors hiring lesser knowns like Joss Whedon, James Gunn and The Russo Brothers then developing them into huge blockbuster directors in-house.

Hiring a recognizable name seems to be against what they’ve done recently.

I’m not against this in the slightest but you have consider the source of this news coming from a tabloid along with the things that don’t make sense.

Have you seen this:
Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Feature Length Film

Then again, Marvel has been throwing us for a loop recently with a lot of their moves and this could be just another big shake-up announcement in the making.

Jolie is about to begin production on her next film Africa that is expected to see Brad Pitt in a lead role.

Her other film By The Sea will be released sometime this year, Pitt, and Jolie co-star in the film.

Production on Captain Marvel isn’t likely to begin until sometime in 2017 considering it’s July 2018 release date it does give the studio plenty of time to find it’s director.

We can expect the trades will now explore this deeper to find-out if this story is on the level.

I didn’t love Unbroken but you can tell she does have potential as a storyteller, she also has a great eye for casting.




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