Run Mystery Inc., Run! “Scooby Doo Apocalypse” #3 (Review)

Jul 20, 2016

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SDOAPOC-Cv3-ds-8edb6Scooby Apocalypse #3
DC Comics

Written by: Jim Lee, Keith Giffen and J.M DeMattetis
Artist: Howard Porter &   Dale Eaglesham

Scooby Doo Issue 3 delights as the Mystery Inc. make it out of the complex and find the world around them is filled with monsters. This comic does a great job at thrilling the audience and building relationships between the characters. The tension between Daphne and Velma continues while on the flip side Shaggy and Fred start to bond. These heartfelt moments are great to see, but I think this issue lacked plot development.

This issue had some heart warming moments, but as a long time Scooby fan I feel a Scooby comicSDOAPOC-3-4-b9566 book should be more about the spooks, mysteries, action, and comedy. The blame game with Velma and Daphne feels over played and detours from other useful details that would be interesting. For instance, flash backs to Fred and Daphne at NYU would have been a great touch for this issue. Another great flashback or more information on “the four” would have been great!

Literary work aside, the art is just amazing as always in this series. The darker palette and bright colored monsters bring the true essence of Scooby Doo to the comic book world. The series expressions and detail make the series look great so far. I especially liked the scene where the gang is overlooking the devastation of the monster attack over a nearby town. It adds in a true “apocalypse” vibe.

I look forward to reading more of DC and Warner Brothers team up comics including this one. I hope for this comic book especially that the true essence of Scooby Doo is retained and classic villains are brought back with a modern touch.