Sabrina The Teenage Witch isn’t so Wholesome Anymore

Oct 27, 2014

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Sabrina-01-0-99b18Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1 (Archie Comics)

Story By: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Artwork By: Robert Hack

Turn the clocks back for this chilling adventure that takes place in the swinging 50s and groovy 60s. This story is not that of the sweet Sabrina the Teenage Witch that really brought this character into the spot light through ABC’s TGIF sitcom. The writing and art style of this comic takes on the identity of some of those campy and cheesy B-list horror movies from decades ago. Though it looks aged, and takes place 50+ years ago, the events that occur in the comic are a lot more unsettling than simple bewitching and high school drama that is the base. Taken from her mother (mortal) and raised by her father (warlock) Sabrina had a very different upbringing than most girls her age. Through a series of events that leaves her father facing punishment for breaking coven laws, Sabrina is raised by her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda (still the same premise of the late 90s classic).

Hack brings a flavorful twist to this once Archie cast member. His art helps transport your mind to think and feel like this is the late 50s you are reading about. When there is witchy events occurring (telekinetic tantrums or succubus raising) Hack brings the dark arts to a creepy eye focusing realism. Each character has minimalist coloring, and the small bits that are colored, brings the character to life, from the blue ribbon in a hat or the alluring red lipstick. The accents of Sabrina-01-8-b984ecolor given to each character have a way of developing their personalities without having to spend time on them. The entire story is told through this aged look, but Hack really turns up the creep factor when the witchcraft becomes darker.

If you thought you would be reading about the family sitcom, you are only partially right. As most of the entire cast is present, their intentions and actions are much more sinister, even Salem the cat (well he was a warlock who is paying for his crimes) is much more serious, as his crimes will show. I was impressed with the back-story of how Sabrina graduated to high school and how she is now facing a much scarier danger than most witches face in high school. The title of this series really hit the nail on the head, as this comic comes to a close there is a much more chilling adventure waiting for Sabrina in the next comic.

*Editors Note: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1 was released on 10/8/2014 and is available now.