Saga #54 Review

Jul 24, 2018

Mad Cave Studios


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Saga #54
Image Comic

Written By: Brian K. Vaughan
Art By: Fiona Staples
Lettered By: Fonografiks 

Saga has taken its readers on some of the wildest rides with Marko, Alana, and Hazel.   This issue is no different as we Marko face off and fight The Will after a tragic moment that occurred at the end of the previous issue. A majority of this issues panels consist the fight between the two and its been quite a while since we have seen Marko with this kind of fire in his eyes as he refuses to hold back against The Will because he knows what’s at stake here. The brawl between them is exciting and leaves you on your edge as you root for Marko to put an end to this. The Will definitely sees this as a great opportunity for him to get back in his organization and even has some callbacks on the people he deemed important in his life. Readers will decide how they should feel about The Will though.

Even if he his end goals are to meet the ones he cares for, his actions here may put his fans down. Most of everyone else takes a back seat in the issue, but it’s really important to see what is happening here with Marko. We’re also given this great narration throughout the issue from Hazel. So much of it is about how she was taught and how her parents raised her and to top it off. We probably have one of the cutest moments shared between Marko and Hazel. Aside from the action in the issue, it all really comes back to what Hazel talks about here. About how you’re supposed to do something so hard to get as far as you can in life and to always remember who teaches you these things.

Saga hits all the notes here to make this issue one all of its fans will remember in its run. With its great writing and fantastic art, there really isn’t a lot that this series doesn’t offer to its fans. Not only has it offered great characters for new readers to start with, but the number of new ones that come along the way are only some of the reasons why Saga is one of the most talked about comic book series out there and why it’s fans will continue to keep recommending it to new readers, especially after this issue.


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