May 30, 2023

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Series premiere from Image Comics and creator Drew Craig enters Starstorm. The latest title from Image Comics follows a teenage superhero with amnesia. New town, new school and new powers — this is Grant Garrison’s new life. Sounds pretty epic if you ask me.

Written by: Drew Craig
Art by: Drew Craig
Colors by: Jason Finestone
Lettering by: Jason Finestone


“SERIES PREMIERE Orphaned amnesiac high school student Grant Garrison is just attempting to navigate his present and recall his past when a meteor decimates his school. In the rubble, Grant discovers a strange artifact from another galaxy, the weapon known as the Starstorm, and the power that resides within it will determine not only his and his friends’ future—but the fate of the entire universe. Featuring a variant cover by DEADLY CLASS artist WES CRAIG!” – Image Comics

Savage Strength

The Savage Strenght of Starstorm is seemingly a look back and comics and heroes of decades past. Drew Craig tries hard to light the flame of nostalgia in this action-adventure book. Opening the book and looking at the first panel, I immediately thought of Galactus ordering around troops that have a resemblance to a little old big bad known as Thanos. In all honesty, the feeling of Galactus went away pretty quickly but then enters a fierce princess trying to order around the big bad, and straight away Guardians of the Galaxy entered my mind.

The story then re-adjusts and now enters the series protagonist Grant Garrison. In what feels like the Spider-man cartoon of the ’90s. We have the school, the introduction to the nerdy friend who loves comic books, and the jock squad who decided that without knowing the new kid “fresh meat” Then we are introduced to the fair maiden, and as soon as danger struct Grant instinctively moves to protect what I assume will become his love interest later on in the series. He also fights a creature that feels straight out of the DC universe,  he gains his power similar to a certain Lantern core. Although, it is not a lantern but a star-shaped object.

Final Thought

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It’s fun, nostalgic and will appeal to fans of the classics. Craig does a great job of blending elements from eras of comics. I’m looking forward to seeing the next issue and the progression of the story.