SCENE N NERD 3.22 – The One With No Bee Puns

Apr 8, 2016

How do you work this thing?! Oh hey guys! Didn’t see you there. Matt here. We’re back this week with ACTION! EXCITEMENT! DRAMA! Pete with a lasso of truth? Maybe? This week Matt and Sarah are joined by friend of the show Kerri Guillette. She’s The TMZ of CW Shows and you’ll hear why because she and Sarah got the scoops for SNN this week! We’re also joined by friend/frenemy Everett Harn. It’s a #TeamSpivot reunion! We discuss the fun filled SuperFlash crossover event, and the latest from your favorite CW heroes. What did you guys enjoy this week from the CW in all things super? Hear what we think this week on Scene N Nerd!