Scene N Nerd 4.10: Loud Noises & Other Details

Aug 1, 2016

The nerd crew are back together again to talk through the details in Mr Robotinit1.asec” (2×04).  Podcast host, Matt Salazar (@ImSalzy), co-host Sarah Belmont (@sjbelmont), and our special guest star Kerri Gillete (@KerBearkru) continue to geek out about the series from the score to the complicated story structure.  Spoiler Alert, Whiterose (BD Wong) is playing the long game with Philip Price (Michael Cristofer); we continue to underestimate Joanna Wellick’s (Stephanie Conrneliussen) ability to send mixed signals; Elliot (Rami Malek) contemplates a high stakes chess game.  How did we survive an hour long recording with no chess puns?  Just remember all you have to do is dream.

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Podcast GIF-Summary:

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